Hungry in Hamburg

The first guide about my hometown, finally! It’s hard to do a guide about a place you know so well – it feels like there are so many places to choose from, especially when it comes to restaurants.
I’ve been born in Hamburg, grew up and it is still my base. It’s the most beautiful city in Germany (sorry Berlin, sorry Munich) and has a very special charm. And the food scene is getting better and better! So with this I present you some trendy options and some of my all time favourites, all of them are budget-friendly aka no need to eat only cup noodle the days after. I don’t like to go out for breakfast that much (because I can make it best myself), so these are mostly dinner options.  Let me know what you think!

  1. The cool ceviche place: Leche de Tigre
    This is my favourite restaurant at the moment. What I love about it is that it isn’t pretentious, not too fancy, it feels like a neighborhood spot but a bit better. It’s cool, but not hipsterish and the food is delicious. So it’s all about Ceviche, a peruvian specialty, with lots of spicy fish and some meat plates. The taste is very special and there isn’t a restaurant I could compare to it, everything is very refined and just very well made. I find it highly satisfing, but some men complained about the size of the portion… Well, than it’ll be girls nights here!
    Nernstweg 32-34
  2. The fancy scandi: Brüder Lund
    It’s Pinterest pin but which became reality – in a good way. Dark walls, bare bulbs, some chalk-art and guys with big beards and heavy accents. They serve nordic inspired tapas plus full meals, all with a scandic twist. Big plus: The wine selection is great, so it’s not only eat and go, but spending the whole evening here. It has a romantic vibe, but without that candle light cheesiness.
    Eppendorfer Weg 283
  3. The trendy taco resto: Mexiko Straße
    …but not too trendy! It’s more are party than a cozy place, so no first date material, but perfect to start a night out (well maybe it IS perfect for a very first date!). It’s located in the heart of St. Pauli where all the magic happenes, from the classic tourist red light district to cool bar and club (Go to Golden Pudel afterwards). Like I already revealed in the headline: Tacos are the plate of choice here!
    Detlev-Bremer-Straße 41
  4. The galette go-to: Ti Brezsh
    This is one of the frenchiest place you’ll find in Hamburg, everyone is dressed in breton shirts (which you can buy here too), speaks french and the menu is full of Galette and Crêpe (only). It’s like a big bistro, a bit too busy, a bit too packed but very charming. C’est la vie! From sweet to savoury, there’s a match for every taste. Make sure to order some Cidre, too.
    Deichstraße 39
  5. The cheesey greek: Taverna Romana
    This restaurant is not pretty. There is nothing fancy – but I love the fatty food here. I’ve been going here ever since I was born – So of course it has sentimental value to me. It’s still owned by the same family since more than 30 years, serving down-to-earth greek and italian dishes. It’s big so a reservation is not that necessary. It’s located in hamburgs hipster area, so you can balance out the fancyness afterwards in one of the cool bars close by (check out Thier, which is just one minute away).
    Schulterblatt 53
  6. The edgy eastern european: Kuchnia
    I have to admit: I prefer the drinks over the meals here, though the food is done well, too. It’s inspired by russian and polish cusine, so all is a little heavy (and better be eaten in winter than summer-time). From Pieroggi to Bigos – all is yummy. But the yummiest of them all is “Das letzte Einhorn” – A cocktail with birch juice. It’s a small and cozy place and also located in St. Pauli.
    Talstraße 87
  7. The tasty thai: Nakorn-Luang Thorung
    This is the place where even Thais have dinner. And that is always the best indicator for good food – They serve all the classic thai dishes, not fancy, but well made. This restaurant is located between strips clubs and shady bars – I don’t bother, but some people do (well, that’s life). There is also a Karaoke bar inside, which I find great but some don’t (e.g. my boyfriend, life’s hard sometimes).
    Große Freiheit 39
  8. The elegant bistro: Café de Paris
    So if you are looking for the opposite to Nr. 7, this is it. Café de Paris is a classic, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The name says it all: It’s a french restaurant, tartar and macarons included. The Art Nouveau location is stunning and worth a visit alone. It’s in the city center so it’s perfect after shopping and sight seeing or pre theater or cinema, or just on a sunday afternoon. It’s also that kind of place where you can go only by yourself and won’t feel alone.
    Rathausstraße 4
  9. The savoury syrian: L’Amira
    I love syrian food and most middle eastern (vegetarian) dishes – I love the combination of sweet and spicey, Halloumi and sprinkles of sesame, humus and cherry sauces. So if you share this passion, this is the place. The decor matches the meals, it’s not luxe but feels very arabian.
    Steindamm 58
  10. The german tavern: Brachmanns Galeron
    How could I not include a german option? Brachmanns is swabian which means this is spaetzle and swabian pockets (this seems to be the translation for Maultaschen) heaven. The seasoning, the composition is so special, ingredients so fresh and mostly  local – it makes those heavy and hearty dishes taste light in a way. From family dinners, small groups or cozy dates: This place fits all and has some great wines, too.
    Hein-Hoyer-Straße 60

    A little sidenote: Better make a reservation – the good spots are usually packed, especially on the weekends!
    …and one more: I might add pictures soon!