Fun in Frankfurt

This guide might be a surprise, not everyone is that much into Frankfurt. But it’s actually one of my favorite cities in Germany. I like skyscrapers, I like japanese treats and I love electronic music – Voilá, all of these three things you get in Frankfurt. It’s rather small (compared other cities I wrote about) and more an weekend option than a whole week trip destination – So I focus on 5 things to do here.

  1. Dance at Robert Johnson

    This is the main reason why I went to Frankfurt so many times: Robert Johnson is my favorite club in Europe or maybe the world? Well I have to see some more clubs – But so far, this is my number one. The booking is great (house, techno, electronic), the atmosphere is laid-back yet cool crowd-wise and I really like the location next to the river. Thinking about dancing in the disco lights till the sun gets up makes wanna go again. And again. Don’t worry about the off-location, it’s about 20-30 minutes to Frankfurt by train.
    Nordring 131, Offenbach
  2. Pre-party

    There some nice bars, but my favorite is Plank – ok, it’s linked to Robert Johnson but still… It’s a cool bar! Small, cozy and it opens already around 10am so it’s café too. People are mixed – and it’s hard in Frankfurt not to meet any bankers in suits, so sometimes, you’ll meet some after-word suit men here too. But does it matter? Not too much in my opinion. Drinks are nice, music is great and it’s all very uncomplicated.
    Elbestraße 15, Frankfurt
  3. Get some coffee

    There is a huge japanese community in Frankfurt and the whole area – Which leads to gems like Iimori – a french-javanese patisserie and bakery. Japanese matcha specialties and little treats are so delicious, the interior is very cozy, with odd details and strange old furniture – which makes it super charming. Great for an afternoon tea or quick treat (Braubachstraße 24, Frankfurt) – Near to Iimori you’ll find Magarete , which is not only great for breakfast, but also as a restaurant. I loved the shakshuka here, a savory breakfast dish with eggs and tomato-ragout, which is also very hangover friendly (Brauhbachstraße 18).

    Guess where…

    it’s Magarete!
  4. Get arty

    There is a pretty good selection of museums in Frankfurt – My favorite beside the classic Schirn is the  MMK. Focused on modern art, the exhibitions are well curated and quite entertaining – it’s not one of those boring stiff and quite experiences here. Installations with light, sounds and experimental materials make it often a fun way to explore art – if it’s only plain pictures or photos, it’s still visually pleasing. Also when being a bit hangover (see point 1).
    Domstraße 10, Frankfurt

    This is the Schirn. Nice, too.
  5. Go to the flow

    The flea market besides the Schaumainkai river is extraordinary nice, very big and offers a huge diversity in goods. Vinyl, vintage and strange stuff – there are a lot of private sellers which keep prices low and the fun high. It’s held on staurdays from 9am to 2pm (May to end of July) – which is quite early, but it’s worth going for a pre-breakfast stroll!
    Schaumainkai, Frankfurt
It is how it is. I like skyscraper even though they seem ugly.