Postcard moments in Miami

I’ve been a couple of times to Miami – with my family, with a friend – and I always loved it. The aesthetic with old neon signs, art deco buildings, ugly sky scrapers and big cars is unique and having a city and a beach makes it a perfect vacation spot to me. It’s kitschy, it’s cool, it’s american and very cuban – which makes an interesting mix and explorable place. Get ready for some hot neon stuff!

  1. Look at the pool

    The pool at the Raleigh Hotel is iconic – and although Cocktails are overpriced here, it’s worth spending an evening here. Simply because of the atmosphere, the old-days-vibe and because it is just beautiful. It’s one of many postcard-moments to experience in Miami…
    1775 Collins Ave, Miami Beach
  2. Go to the Keys

    The way itself is spectacular already and it feels like leaving the US and really entering the caribbean. We did many stops – simply because I wanted to look at the those old-school-hotel and cafe-signs, having an iced coffee or some key lime pie (the only kind of cake I’d eat in the heat). Key West is the most popular island – If I’d go again, I would stay at one of the less popular ones: Like Islamorada or Key Largo, it’s less touristy here, a little cheaper and looks likes paradise too. You could to do a day trip to Key West from there if you want to catch the Hemingway vibes.

    Some cool signs

    We stayed in Key West at a cozy B&B with this cool pool
  3. Eat at the Deli

    Over the last 15 years I’ve been about five times to Miami and each time I had either a burger or pancake at Jerry’s Famous Deli. It’s the best junk food and really original. Very american, very Miami, very postcard again!
    1450 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

    Classics always do it
  4. Explore Wynwood

    This is the neighborhood you know from instagram now. When I went here a couple of years a ago, it wasn’t a big deal like it is now. Still, it’s fun to walk around graffiti-filled streets, see some galleries, cafés and bar. The best location for a drink: Gramps.  Good music, good drinks and not too chic. Could also be Williamsburg in a good way.
    176 NW 24th St, Miami
  5. Check out The Standard

    This is one of my favourite hotels in the world. It’s laid-back, it has a great  restaurant (yummy healthy stuff and many vegan options), an incredible spa (the massages and hammam are perfect) and fun yoga classes. Actually I’ve been to one of the best Yoga classes ever – cool music, little neck massages, some feel-good scent. Also the interior is mid century modern meets tropicana. Need more reasons? They do bingo nights. The only downside: the location is a little off. I mean, you don’t have to leave the hotel anyway. But it’s also great just for a day trip.
    40 Island Ave, Miami Beach

    Nice locker room at the Standard
  6. Shop at the hotel

    You know Webster pink? No? Then you have to go to this shop which is located right inside the Webster hotel to see their unique and oh-so-Miami-pink-shade. They sell many cool brands and beautiful designer pieces, mostly high priced. So this is more a place of inspiration for me – but you’d find some cute accessories and souvenirs too. The Webster candle for example or an iPhone cover in webster pink. Now that you know it…
    1220 Collins Ave, Miami Beach
  7. Dine at the Dutch

    This is a more refined spot serving delicious drinks and great food. Grilled ricotta, steak tartare, meatballs in red sauce, Pasta, Meat – the menu at The Dutch is american mixed with really special flavors. Meals are simple, but perfected – and so is the atmosphere at this clean lined yet cosy place. Finish it with a fancy cocktail.
    2201 Collins Ave, Miami Beach
  8. Enjoy Little Haiti

    I love to feel the caribbean vibe here: the restaurants, the streets, the people, the music – it’s like a different place. It’s not that polished and not a fancy area, but an inspirational one to wander or drive around. The colors, the hand painted signs and house feel so interesting to me – It may be not everybody cup of tea to be in this rather raw area, but like to see a little realness, too.

    With one of my best friends Tüly in Miami
  9. Taste he best ice-cream

    If you read some other guides, you might know it already: I love ice-cream. And I’m pretty picky about it. Sure, you can get the frozen yogurt stuff in Miami around every corner. But true ice-cream lovers got to Azucar. Located in Little Havana, they have gigantic list of extraordinary flavours: Platano Maduro (sweet plantain!), Elvis (Peanut Butter & Banana), Noche Buena (spiced sugar plum), Avocado or Balsamic-Strawberry. If you are more conservative: Chocolate and vanilla are also on the menu.
    1503 SW 8th Street, Miami
  10. Go for green

    There’s more than palm trees in Miami – at The Kampong, the botanical garden, you can dive into the nature: impressive banyan trees, exotic blossoms and lush alleys. With the loud life in Miami, this is a quite oasis where you can recharge and still be inspired. It has a special spirit not comparable to just normal parks.
    4013 Douglas Rd, Miami