We in Vienna

Vienna is rather small – It’s not New York and that’s totally fine. What’s great with smaller cities is that you can go for like three and four days without the FOM – fear of missing out. Taking a long weekend, you’ll be totally fine with this city. That’s why I decided to do a five things to do here. Of course you might find ten things here, but I’d like to present this five on point things that’ll fill your short trip perfectly.
I went here with my sister and mother, so to say: You can go here even if your interests are not 100 percent identical. For example: my sister is a total Disney fan and would be very disappointed not to Disneyland while in Paris – Whereas I would think of 10000 things I would do before going to meet Mickey.
Anyway: Vienna is a very charming city, perfect for short trips with a group of people.

  1. Find a cool hotel

    Functional, modern, cool, affordable: That’s Ruby Marie. You’ll see so many old buildings, gold and opulent decor in Vienna, that it’s refreshing coming back to this no-fuss yet kind of cosy hotel. It’s not a luxury hotel, but still comfortable and with a very nice bar, good breakfast, a yoga room and within a great area next to a train station and shopping street. It’s not the chic and clean side, but I consider this a good thing.
    If possible, get a room as high as it gets – You’ll have a terrace and nice view.
    Kaiserstraße 2-4.

  2. Drink Wiener Melange

    Coffee is big here. But don’t  think decaf soy latte now. This is the good old European brew. First: You need some time, service is usually slow (and rude, sorry to say) and the cafés are made to stay. Secondly, it’s not only about sipping coffee, it’s about cake, watching people and feeling somewhat intellectual in a very old-school way. There are many old fashioned cafés around, but I’d like to recommend something more modern called Phil. Hipster-rate is moderate, it’s a mix of people and really cozy. If you’d like it more grandma chic, on the other side you’ll find the Café Sperl.
    Gumpendorfer Str. 10.
  3. Eat Schnitzel

    …or Austrian food in general. It’s so easy finding a nice restaurant in this city, just look out for something that feels local. The food is often heavy and many times made of meat – a light alternative to Schnitzel might be a “Vogler Salat” with pumpkinseed oil and vegetarian will love the potato options. And for dessert? Germknödel.
    One of my favorite spots is Gastwirtschaft Schilling. It’s very very basic – no cozy seats here. But the food is perfect, authentic and I love the mix of people, from tourists to locals, from young to old.
    Burggasse 103.
  4. Skip a bit Klimt

    Viennas’ history in art is rich, Klimt, Schiele, Kokoschka – to name the top three. The best place – especially when time is short – to explore it is the museums quartier. It features several different museums, like the Leopold which is focused on the Secession (I found that quite disappointing, don’t go just for the Klimts, because there are only about three paintings), the Mumok (huge collection of modern art) and the Kunsthalle (for everything contemporary). The architecture alone makes it worth going here, too.
    Museumsplatz 1.thumb_img_7625_1024
  5. Shop the flea

    It’s big and it’s beautiful: The flea market next to the Naschmarkt (if you did Vienna-research on other sites – which would have not been necessary, ha!  I’m sure they told you to go to the Naschmarkt already). On Saturdays the flea starts at 6 am. I’m an owl so I can’t tell you if its worth going early but I can tell you that it’s totally fine going around noon or a little later. There’s a lot of stuff you don’t want and a lot you’d want: Old jewelry, home decor, paintings, fur coats, porcelain. Things you definitely don’t need but like to own. I like to haggle even if it’s over a couple of euros, and you can do it, too – But prices are moderate so if you are more of an instant buyer, this flea will work too. Sunshine doubles the fun like on every market, so pick a day with a good weather forecast.
    4, Linke  & Rechte Wienzeile.