Girls’ guide to Los Angeles

Of course, men might find these spots appealing too – But nail salons, beauty stores and juice bars will always find a few more female fans. The reason why this list is oh-so-girly? I spend some days alone in this city, no one waiting in front of the door, no one questioning if I need another perfume… So, here we go with my personal best of Los Angeles!

  1. Stay by the beach

    Sea, sand, sun – the best combination for instant relaxation! And from here you can take the bike to some nice cafés, Santa Monica Pier and so on… Venice and Santa Monica are the areas to go. The closer you live to Santa Monica, the better. Why? Because in the Venice ares (beach) you’ll be surround by many homeless and kinda crazy creatures. Crazy in a not so good way.  So back to the beautiful side: A down-to-earth, pretty little hotel in a great location and with reasonable prices is Rose Hotel. (15 Rose Ave Venice). p.s: Rose Avenue is the more laid-back version of Abboot Kinney Boulveard – I love Rose Café and Flake for a breakfast bowls and iced coffee and Moon Juice – see point 2).

    Inside the Rose.
    Guess what: This is Rose Café.

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    Close to Rose Café you’ll find the cool jewelry shop Love Adorned.
  2. Drink that juice

    Just head to Moon Juice – Is this the place where green juice was invented? Probably! Don’t get caught eating a snickers near here (you won’t find such things here anyway), come here to find out what’s so yummy about super fresh, super healthy juices – and get one of the prettifying  powders to mix into your smoothie at home.
    507 Rose Ave, Venice
  3.  Enjoy the view

    Go to the Getty Center. If you don’t have a car, get an Uber (as an European, I was afraid they won’t pick me up in these hills – of course they do. They go everywhere!) and enjoy this super beautiful park. It’s especially charming for sunset.
    1200 Getty Center Dr, Los Angeles

  4. Get a zodiac-based manicure.

    Enamel Diction does nail color based on your zodiac sign. Need more to know?! Don’t be afraid of a “alternative” look – they’ll do it in a modern, cool way. Plus their astro-pro Rose Theodora is very charming and will do a whole colorscope for you (5405 West Pico Blvd). You’d like to know more about the human stars? Then Olive & June is for you – this ethno-chic salon also paints the nails of Essie Weingarten (founder of Essie, wow!) and Taylor Swift. Just to name two stars I know.
  5. Dine outside. Aircondition-free

    Mailbu Farms it is! A great place right by the sea, serving organic food and the natural California-sand-and-sun-flair without that neon shine. My favorite dish: Grilled salmon Kale Nicoise Salad – a special take on kale. And on Nicoise. And salad in general.
    23000 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu
  6. Shop fashion in thrift stores

    Places with fashion-obsessed inhabitants and intensive consumers bring out great thrift stores – Armani dresses for 10 dollars, cashmere sweaters for 15 or Tod’s slippers for 25 – It’s worth spending some time searching the racks (and you have to). If you want real bargains and don’t mind searching, go to St. Matthews. It’s not a fancy shop, but I usually don’t care. At Wasteland it’s more pre-selected and nice brands only, but with a big selection in a spacious location.
    St. Matthews: 2812 Main St, Santa Monica, Wasteland: 1330 4th Street Santa Monica
  7. Let your brows be feathered

    Brow-rehab at the beautiful Striiike salons takes some months – but they’ll do their best getting your brow back into a natural, defined shape in a shorter time, too. And if time is REALLY short, just grab some of the great products they sell, like the “Après” creme by Kristie Streicher, a soothing balm made for post-plucking.
    9278 Civic Center Drive. Beverly Hills.
  8. Be a girly girl

    …in a good way, of course! The very best place for this is Violet Grey, a beauty concept store with a very fine selection of everything that is beautiful and somehow cosmetic-related. From niche brands to Chanel, face serums to hair mists – You might spend hours in this pretty villa.
    8452 Melrose Place
  9. Go to the cinema

    But to a Drive-In one! I hadn’t been alone in LA, I would have gone to one of these retro-romantic cinemas where you stay in your car. And I would have rented a convertible for that night. This is very college-movie-style, but what is wrong with that? I would have gone to Rubidoux theatre, mostly because of its design, name and attitude
    3770 Opal St, Riverside.
  10. Become an eggslut

    Yes, you read it right – But Eggslut is a restaurant, so don’t worry. They serve the best sandwiches on earth, or maybe at least within the US. So what is so special about sandwichs? Just read this: seared wagyu tri-tip steak, cage-free over medium egg, chimichurri, red onions and dressed arugula in a warm brioche bun.
    317 South Broadway, Los Angeles.