On a plane

Many destinations require flying – many people don’t like being in the air, the pressure, the (not given) space, the food. But: You can have a good time! I actually like flying, it’s like a time-out, I can relax without feeling any guilt or work without being interrupted
How to make it a pleasure? With these ten things:

  1. Plan your meal

    If you fly eco, chances you’ll get a healthy not to say delicious meal are pretty low. For long distance flights, I always make sure to pre-order my meal (you can do that online with almost every airline in the booking section). My favourite is always “Asian Vegetarian” which is an indian meal, mostly vegetable, rice and some spicey sauce. If you feel extrageeky: Google your airline and it’s meals. Yes, there are people who upload picture of that.

  2. Make it smell good

    I’m very sensitive to smells and get easily sick just because it smells bad. But: Good scents easily evoke a good feeling. So this is what I do before long haul flights: Days or weeks before, I’m using an aroma oil in the evening, when I feel all cosy and sleepy. Later on the plane, I use the same oil – and remember the homey feel. I put on the pillow next to my nose, arms, sweater. I love a roll-on by Aveda or L’Occitane for this.

  3. Don’t use waterspray

    I really don’t know why all womens magazine tell you to do this. Waterspray dries out the skin even moren – putting water on it just evaporates and takes water from your skin with it. If you want to feel fresh, clean your face (extra-trick: I pre-soak cotton rounds in micellar water and put them in a ziploc, easy!) and just put moisturizer or a moisturizing gel on it. Some like to do a mask – I don’t feel like thats necessary for me, but this might be an option for you.

  4. Bring slippers

    On my first flight to Japan I saw how all the asian people got their comfy slippers out. Sometimes you get those socks at airplanes, which is fine – But I don’t like the feeling of wearing them around the plan. Slippers make me feel more clean (and a little old, but who cares).

  5. Dress right

    Ok, sounds like a no-brainer – I’ve seen people on onsies boarding. So, an overall might be comfy, but it not a good idea: You will have to literally undress when you have to go to the toilet, on board as well at the airport, and who wants that? Cotton-mixes are perfect, breathable and won’t wrinkle like silk, linen or viscose. You don’t have to wear a sports outfit, but your miniskirts or superskinny jeans won’t make a flight longer than two hours enjoyable. No-brainer, but still…

  6. Get a blanketish scarf

    No matter how long or short the flight – bring a nice, very big scarf or thin blanket with you. Yes, you get a blanket at the plane too, but it’s made out of polyester and won’t keep you comfy as finely woven wool or wool-cotton-mix piece. This might be an investment, but will make you feel a thousand times better up in the air.

  7. Feel clean

    I’m not a hygiene-freak – but sometimes seats look so dirty that I feel the need you remove all the bacteria and bread crumbles from the person before. I just use cleaning wipes for this, they come in pocket size. Easy, effective and clean.

  8. Find a place

    You don’t want to get up every ten minutes to get your stuff from the overhead compartment – But still want to miss a thing when you took your seat, right? But where to put all the stuff? The little net on your frontseat would never hold earphones, tablet, water bottels, snacks, magazines…  I found it most practical to pack a pouch, that I can hang by the table. It’s always reachable and not in your way.

  9. Bottle up

    I always bring an empty, reusable bottle of water with me. No, not because I like to carry a lot: I let the steward fill it with water right after take-off. So I don’t have to wait for their rounds where they hand out glasses or the meals – plus, I drink a lot more which otherwise I’d forget on longer flights. And – here were the womens magazines right – you easily dehydrate on planes.

  10. Celebrate a ritual

    Find something you look forward, a tiny ritual you like to do on every flight: Playing a certain song, use a special hand cream – whatever makes you feel good. But limit it to flying! Why do you think so many people order tomato juice? It’s their ritual. Mine, on long distance flights, is drinks a tiny glass of Baileys before going to sleep or watching a movie to fall asleep. I usually never drink Baileys, for me it’s directly linked to flying – and having a good time.